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Healthy eating

Healthy eating

   Green for Life

With the fast-developing economies, it has become hard to follow a healthy diet plan, because of the poor products quality and fast-food substitutes. However, teaching preschoolers about nutrition might greatly change their whole life.

Enrichment Program: Healthy Eating


Teaching children about nutrition at a young age and furthering their knowledge as they grow and develop is one of the best ways we can combat childhood obesity and help children increase their health and well-being. Preschoolers are at the crucial age where they can begin to understand how nutrition plays a major role in their lives, which is why nutrition is such an important component to include in preschoolers' learning. How it can be done? In easy and funny for them way. Discussing nutrition through as variety of fun activities, incorporating guidelines and facts about different ingredients, might encourage kids to try new foods. They will be interested in mixing and combining new tastes and products. Also showing on a personal experience about healthy snacks, and having them in classes, is a popular practice while discovering the world of nutrition with kids.

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