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How does it work?

How does it work?

We are excited to offer our best-in-class hands-on learning now ONLINE! While we vigorously maintain our on-site preschool in Mahwah, we are now offering exciting virtual options! Need more details? Here you’ll explore more about our learning and enrollment processes. We will explain how we use Facebook, BlueJeans, and Google Classroom live translations, about worksheets and curriculum, and program costs on our program details page.

We offer online learning for children from 3 to 6 year old, and every age in between. 

Google Classroom, Facebook, BlueJeans (Verizon Conferencing Platform)

In Pinnacle Online School our main educational platforms are Google Classroom, Facebook, BlueJeans conference platform and Zoom.

Google Classroom is mostly used for content access. After you enroll into our class the student is being registered on Brightwheel and Google Classroom. While Brightwheel is an easy way for teacher-to-parent communication, Google Classrom is them most usefu platform for file exchange. Each class will have it's access to all the materials neccessary for class (lesson plans), assignmnts etc. 

In PLC we use Zoom for monthly events with our parents #EasyParenting or Teacher-Parents conference. For educational purposes and video translations we use BlueJeans (the platform provided by Verizon) and Google Classroom.

On Facebook you can find our news, updates and upcoming events. 

Digital Curriculum

Our digital Pinnacle Curriculum is a uniquely modified collection of the best of existing curriculums and hands-on learning approaches, designed in a simple easy-to-follow manner so as a parent you can monitor the learning process and material covered with no extra special background. You can also use our curriculum for ‘after school’ practices doing additional exercises and recommended activities.

The curriculum covers literacy, math, science, art and other critical learning skills. We also aim on improving gross and fine motor skills, because physical health, as the mediator, supports social-emotional and mental development, according to numerous early development scientific studies.

Communication| Brightwheel

Every parent and student enrolled into our programs will have their unique account on Brightwheel. We use this platform for easier communication with parents, for financial purposes and check-in/out monitoring. 

After enrolling into a program and choosing your subscription option, parents will receive their unique invitation to set up/upgrade their account, add a child's profile and activate or/and set up an autopay. 

Parents will receive newsletters and announcements on their Brightwheel accounts as well as on their emails.

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