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Pre-K Program

Online Pre-K Experience

Class Description

This ongoing pre-k class will meet 3 times a week for 2hrs each class. Ongoing classes are great because you can take part in the whole semester course or just take part of the course. You can decide. This ongoing preschool class is great for an older preschool student, Pre-K (4 & 5 year old's). This class is designed for students be able to meet together and have a pre-k experience and interaction with other kids without leaving homes! 

During the pre-k ongoing class, students will be participating in fun, exciting and engaging activities! The students will learn letter and letter sounds (pre-reading skills), math concepts (shapes, colors, patterns, numbers, counting), fine motor skills (scissor skills, pincer grasp, eye-hand coordination) and gross motor skills (brake to do physical exercises or/and dancing brake), and social/emotional skills (turn taking, speaking, listening). Music, rhymes and science will be integrated into each thematic weekly lessons. We will be singing, reading stories, making crafts, learning rhymes, and doing fun activities during our course. A new letter (or two) and letter-sound will be introduced each week, along with a number and a shape. We will sing the days of the week, months of the year and discuss the weather. We offer various enrichments (which will be elected accordingly with the demand). During our classes, we found out that the best brake is either switch activity from the brain to physical or to have a Spanish lesson! So our 2hrs lesson also includes Spanish time. Each week will have a unique theme. 


Supplies needed for each week's class, and teacher-created materials that need to be printed will be available in the curriculum which will be sent individually to each student. Or will be announced (if anything extra) by the teacher prior to the upcoming week. At Pinnacle we try to make learning at home easy for kids and parents. Therefore all the supplies we use iin our lesson plans can be found at everyone's home or can be purchased at dollar store or any other store. Most supplies will basic craft/school supplies you will have around the house (pencils, markers, crayons, scissors, play-doh, glue, stickers, etc).

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