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STEAM Summer Camp

STEAM Summer Camp

Summer Break Can be fully packed with fun and excitement

General Information

STEAM Summer Camp in Pinnacle Learning Center is 10 weeks of excitement and fun this year with Coding and Robotics! 
It begins on June 29th and will last until September 4th. During these 10 weeks, students will cover 10 different themes, they will have numerous topics to discuss and problems to solve. 
The curriculum was designed a special way so each next week supports covered material, and students can independently experiment with the upcoming projects. Our professional team will carefully supervise and guide the kids throughout 10 weeks of their discovery path.

You can contact us for more information, fill in the form and we will contact you. Full program description you can find attached below. 

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Program Description

Week 1: Environment Week
Week 2: Independence Week
Week 3: Ocean Week
Week 4: Recycling Week
Week 5: Week of Inventors and Engineering
Week 6: Creativity and Senses Week
Week 7: Ecosystem Designing
Week 8: Renewable Energy
Week 9: Everything Around Us
Week 10: Space

2020 Summer camp tuition
Operating Hours – 8 AM to 6 PM

Registration Fee - $ 100
Full Days – 9 AM to 3 PM $245 per week
Extended Hours - contact us for pricing

10% sibling discount  


To reserve a place for your child in Pinnacle Learning Center Summer Camp, payment for each session, along with $100 registration fee must accompany this application




Why STEAM Summer Camp?

STEAM Camp is what we call "learning through play" or "hands-on learning". STEAM Camps have a mission to help children of every explore their love of learning in the practical pursuits of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics. Enrolling for summer camp might bring only benefits for you and your kids. First of all, there is no brake and a waste of time. Children will spend the summer either playing outside or working on their projects in classes. Secondly, various interesting projects will open the magical world of science for them. So that they will understand that science is not only a complicated discipline, but it is also can be applied in daily life and it is very useful. Then, participating in group projects, students will learn more about team building and teamwork. Such activities might positively impact on children social behavior and self-awareness. Everything that students learn during STEAM summer camps is absolutely useful and applicable for future studies. Moreover, the skills they can gain will definitely facilitate the learning process. 






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