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Pinnacle Learning Center administration, parents and visitors of the center are concerned about how the current outbreak of the COVID-2019 may impact their communities. Therefore the New Jersey Department of Children and Family has developed a guidance and special materials to help educational institutions to mitigate the evolving situation and take preventative actions. You can find the full version here NJDCF (for the symptoms, virus description and any other information regarding COVID-19, please, visit NJ COVID-19 Information Hub).

Measures and Actions

Since there is no vaccination to prevent COVID-19 infection, Pinnacle Center follows all necessary everyday actions in order to prevent the spread of the virus. These actions include:

  • Daily temperature Check
  • Frequent hand washing
  • Hand Sanitizing (with at least 60% alcohol)
  • Work-space sanitization
  • Regular cleanings and sanitation of the workspace, frequently touched surfaces and objects (including cleaning/washing stations etc)
  • Social Distancing (between children, staff, parents). Now drop-offs and pick-ups must be done outside only. The group of kids will be limited to 10 children and interactions between groups must be limited.
  • Sharing supplies, toys, food, and others will be strictly limited. Children’s belonging will be kept in separate individual boxes and sent home each day for washing.

 Currently, all the field trips must be canceled besides the off-site activities within walking distance from the facility. Also, events and group gatherings within the center are suspended.

Visitors shall not be permitted during the operation hours, with the exception of emergency or law enforcement personnel in their official capacity, and Department of Children and Families personnel for child protection or childcare licensing purposes.

Even though our parents and administration are being informed about the risk of spreading the disease and the channels it can be spread, we constantly monitor the health conditions of every child. In case the child is showing any symptoms of the described COVID-19 (or similar), he/she will be separated from the group and staff until they can be picked up to go home.

We educate children about limiting and avoiding touching the eyes, nose, mouth and face. Also, educate and practice covering coughs and sneezes with a tissue or into the sleeve, not the hands every day, not only during the epidemic situation.   

We continue to monitor the situation in the community, doctors’ guidance, and recommendations. There is a constant provision of all necessary supplies. Trainings and staff workshops help us to stay informed and updated regarding preventative measures.



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