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Start: February 5th (every Tuesday, 10 workshops)

Do you know what Zumbini is? Unless you’ve never heard about Zumbini, so these 5 interesting facts are about its positive influence on children is for you! 

  1. Learning meets fun
    Zumbini™ is 45 min energetic, playful, and fun classes, combining both live and recorded music, movement, instruments, and world beats. That stimulates learning by contributing to the natural development of cognitive, social, emotional, and physical skills.
  2. Socialization
    Zumbini really gets kids and their parents out of their shell. It encourages children to dance and have fun together without moms’ participation. “Moving together to the music created a connection — a connection that manifested itself through helpfulness.” (NPR)
  3. Great Swag
    Each participant receives a Zumbini™ bundle on the first day of the session which they can take home and use outside of the class. The bundle set includes the number of useful materials, that are strongly recommended to use t as often as possible so that your child (and you) become more familiar with the music and feel more comfortable in future class.
  4. Singing and Reading Skills
    Rhyming, such as in children’s songs, is known to help children develop phonological awareness and sensitivity to this rhyming begins in babies (Gordon et al, 2015, Frontiers in psychology). This means that babies benefit from hearing their parent sing songs that rhyme and that this begins the process of developing phonological awareness, which in turn develops their early reading skills! And the last one but not least is 
  5. Developing these skills starts in infancy. We need to create a stimulating environment to help our children develop executive function skills. (Zumbini is all about this) Moreover, research has shown that children entering school with stronger executive function skills tend to be stronger in academics. 

What is more, it’s a great way to make a fabulous birthday party for your child, keeping 12 kids have fun singing, dancing, and exploring musical instruments.


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